Prosthetic & Orthotic Services

MCA provides a wide variety of Prosthetic & Orthotic aiming to deliver the best solutions that improve the patients’ lives & prevent progression of physical disabilities.

Ready Made Orthotic

Ready Made Orthotic are a big collection of products that are adjustable and of universal sizes so they can fit physical disability person, Stroke, foot deformities, spine deformities & upper/lower extremities conditions.

Resting Hand Splint

Wrist and Hand Splint is a dynamic and functional product for the hand and forearm. It is used for correcting hand deviation by positioning treatment and immobilizing the contracture of the wrist, the radiocarpal joint and the fingers. Wrist and Hand Splint is made of Air Sanmed non-elastic textile with a cotton layer to protect […]

Resting Hand Splint for children

Resting Hand Splint is the best alternative to traditional heavy cast of children. The product has anatomical splints that immobilize the rest joint. It can be used as an postoperative brace or as one of the methods of treatment after injury.

Elbow Brace

Elbow Brace

Shoulder Braces

This product is an efficient immobilizer and is used in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions for treating the arm fracture, a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff surgery. The Shoulder Brace is manufactured of breathable and comfortable materials, which consists in auto-adhesive outside cover that allows the fitting on different shapes of the body.

Custom Made Prosthetics

Custom Made Prosthetic is a collection of artificial limbs that are manufactured to individual specifications so that the product fits the Amputee’s size and requirements perfectly.

Transhumeral Prosthesis

Transhumeral Prosthesis is manufactured by using optimum quality raw material. It incorporates a powerful electric motor in combination with clutch to help them both flex and extend the elbow—while holding up to 11 lbs!

Transradial Prosthesis

Transradial Prosthesis are created for patients who have been amputated through their forearm. These prostheses can be operated by electronic parts or by a simple harness system (also termed “body-power”).

Through Shoulder Prosthesis

The aim of a Through Shoulder Prosthesis is to enable armored patients to use their prosthesis intuitively. TSP is a proven treatment method after amputations of the upper arm or a shoulder extraction. After a TMR supply the patients can control their prosthesis by up to 6 different thoughts of natural movements.

Custom Made Orthotics

Custom Made Orthotic is a collection of products that are used to correct the foot and ankle problems. The products are manufactured to individual measurements so they fit the patient physical disability person, Stroke, foot deformities, spine deformities & upper/lower extremities conditions perfectly.

Wrist/Hand Braces

Wrist/Hand Brace is an easy in donning and doffing product. It is used for immobilizing the fingers and/or the wrist joint. The product is used in conditions of burns; Hemiplegia; Post-fracture; Post-surgery; Arthritis of wrist, hand and fingers.

Elbow Immobilizer with ROM adjustment

Elbow Immobilizer with range of motion adjustment orthosis allows positioning the elbow in 10 increments. The joint of the product has high strength locking pins, that can be easily dis-locked by a push button mechanism.

Elbow Extension Braces

Elbow Extension Brace is a removable Orthosis that is made of high quality materials. The product is used for stabilizing the elbow at 90°. The product fits right or left forearms and is used in conditions like fractures of the humeral/forearm.

Components & Materials

Besides providing prosthetic & orthotic services, MCA marketing and sales team provides raw materials and equipment for service providers in Prosthetics & Orthotics field through world-renowned companies and factories in this field


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