Shoulder Braces

This product is an efficient immobilizer and is used in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions for treating the arm fracture, a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff surgery. The Shoulder Brace is manufactured of breathable and comfortable materials, which consists in auto-adhesive outside cover that allows the fitting on different shapes of the body.

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Upper Limb Finger Braces

Finger Braces

This product is used to stiffen fingers except for the thumb. It allows the physician – or the patient- to choose which finger(s) to immobilize. The brace has sweat proof aluminum rails. The liners material is flexible so it can be shaped by the physician. The outer material is made of elastic Lycra and stiffened […]

Upper Limb Resting Hand Splint for children

Resting Hand Splint for children

Resting Hand Splint is the best alternative to traditional heavy cast of children. The product has anatomical splints that immobilize the rest joint. It can be used as an postoperative brace or as one of the methods of treatment after injury.

Upper Limb Transhumeral Prosthesis

Transhumeral Prosthesis

Transhumeral Prosthesis is manufactured by using optimum quality raw material. It incorporates a powerful electric motor in combination with clutch to help them both flex and extend the elbow—while holding up to 11 lbs!