Shoulder Braces for Children

Shoulder Braces has light-weight construction as it is for children. The self-gripping materials provide perfect adjustment and fitting to every size. This product is used for children with cases such as a post-operative or post-traumatic immobilization treatment, shoulder dislocation, elbow strain, soft tissue injuries (infections, bruising) that require reduced mobility for treatment.

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Upper Limb Wrist and Hand Splint For Children

Wrist and Hand Splint For Children

Wrist and Hand Splint is the best alternative to traditional heavy cast for children. The product has anatomical splints that immobilize the rest joint. It can be used as an postoperative brace or as one of the methods of treatment after injury.

Upper Limb Finger Splint for Children

Finger Splint for Children

Finger Splint is used to immobilize: index, middle, ring and pinky fingers. It’s universal size finger splint that fits for right and left hands. It can be used for dorsal and palmar sides of the hand.

Upper Limb Transradial Prosthesis

Transradial Prosthesis

Transradial Prosthesis are created for patients who have been amputated through their forearm. These prostheses can be operated by electronic parts or by a simple harness system (also termed “body-power”).