Elbow Braces for Children

Elbow Brace is a children’s light post-operative elbow immobilizer with a mechanism to adjust the range of motion in every 15°. The Elbow Braces can be used as an post-operative immobilizer or as an method of treatment of contractures (scars after fire), dislocations or fractures.

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Upper Limb Elbow Extension Braces

Elbow Extension Braces

Elbow Extension Brace is a removable Orthosis that is made of high quality materials. The product is used for stabilizing the elbow at 90°. The product fits right or left forearms and is used in conditions like fractures of the humeral/forearm.

Upper Limb Functional Hand Splint

Functional Hand Splint

Functional Hand Splint has an adjustable and universal design, so it can be worn on both hands. It is used for reducing muscle tone and spasticity. The product can be used with the standard, or neuro-rheumathological, fingers separator. This feature makes the device stabilizes fingers as well as wrist better. The device is made of […]

Upper Limb Shoulder Braces

Shoulder Braces

This product is an efficient immobilizer and is used in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions for treating the arm fracture, a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff surgery. The Shoulder Brace is manufactured of breathable and comfortable materials, which consists in auto-adhesive outside cover that allows the fitting on different shapes of the body.