Elbow Brace

This product is used in cases of injury and other conditions that require the elbow joint to be Stabilizes. The Elbow Brace is made of a high quality materials and innovative design. The Elbow Brace is used for stabilizing the elbow joint, relieving the muscles of the hand and the forearm.

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Upper Limb Through Shoulder Prosthesis

Through Shoulder Prosthesis

The aim of a Through Shoulder Prosthesis is to enable armored patients to use their prosthesis intuitively. TSP is a proven treatment method after amputations of the upper arm or a shoulder extraction. After a TMR supply the patients can control their prosthesis by up to 6 different thoughts of natural movements.

Upper Limb Elbow Braces for Children

Elbow Braces for Children

Elbow Brace is a children’s light post-operative elbow immobilizer with a mechanism to adjust the range of motion in every 15°. The Elbow Braces can be used as an post-operative immobilizer or as an method of treatment of contractures (scars after fire), dislocations or fractures.

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