Wrist/Hand Braces

Wrist/Hand Brace is an easy in donning and doffing product. It is used for immobilizing the fingers and/or the wrist joint. The product is used in conditions of burns; Hemiplegia; Post-fracture; Post-surgery; Arthritis of wrist, hand and fingers.

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Upper Limb Resting Hand Splint

Resting Hand Splint

Wrist and Hand Splint is a dynamic and functional product for the hand and forearm. It is used for correcting hand deviation by positioning treatment and immobilizing the contracture of the wrist, the radiocarpal joint and the fingers. Wrist and Hand Splint is made of Air Sanmed non-elastic textile with a cotton layer to protect […]

Upper Limb Finger Splint for Children

Finger Splint for Children

Finger Splint is used to immobilize: index, middle, ring and pinky fingers. It’s universal size finger splint that fits for right and left hands. It can be used for dorsal and palmar sides of the hand.

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