Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) – for Children

Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) is a children’s back support that stabilizes and supports the spine and posture muscles. The product has a special two-piece construction that helps to adjust the othoses height according to treatment process.

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Neck & Spine Spinal Braces – Postoperative Braces

Spinal Braces – Postoperative Braces

Post-Operative Braces were developed as the supporting structure for immobilization and stabilization of spine affected by osteoporosis. The orthosis restricts the movement of the affected area taking the extra burden off the muscles.

Neck & Spine Neck Braces – Rigid

Neck Braces – Rigid

Rigid Neck Brace is an Orthopedic collar that is made of a plate and a foamy material. The collar’s function is to stabilize the neck and release pressure from the spine in the neck area. It also releases stress from neck muscles. It’s used for post-operative condition that require extra stability to the neck.

Neck & Spine Neck Braces, Soft – for Children

Neck Braces, Soft – for Children

This product is a Soft Orthopaedic collar that is made especially for children. It stabilizes a cervical spine and releases stress from the neck section of the spine and neck muscles