Thoracic Braces for Children

Thoracic Brace is a children’s brace that is made of light and airy materials, so it replaces the traditional cast successfully. This high quality functional product is used for children with cases such as the injury of the shoulder which doesn’t require surgery or plaster dressing and/or increased chest kyphosis.

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Neck & Spine Thoracic Braces

Thoracic Braces

Thoracic Brace is made of elastic tapes and back pressure plate. The product is used for correcting the posture and to prevent kyphosis for adults as well as children. It has a lining that protects the tapes from rippling and makes the tape stick to the patient’s body.

Neck & Spine Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) – for Children

Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) – for Children

Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) is a children’s high dorso-lumbar back support with special plate that stabilizes the child’s spine. It is the best post-operative alternative to traditional cast.

Neck & Spine Neck Braces – Rigid

Neck Braces – Rigid

Rigid Neck Brace is an Orthopedic collar that is made of a plate and a foamy material. The collar’s function is to stabilize the neck and release pressure from the spine in the neck area. It also releases stress from neck muscles. It’s used for post-operative condition that require extra stability to the neck.