Corrective Insoles

Corrective Insoles relieve pressure on the second and third metatarsal heads. The stabilising lateral springs reduce the compression of the front foot region and thus ease the pain. The uniform cushioning of the entire footbed also helps to relieve pressure.

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Orthopedic Footwear Sports Insoles

Sports Insoles

Sports Insoles are used for sports, exercise and active life. The product base supports the longitudinal and transverse neck structures of the foot, provide shock absorption, and distribute pressure on the foot base more evenly.

Orthopedic Footwear Stability Footwear for Children

Stability Footwear for Children

Stability Footwear is corrective and preventive footwear for kids. The footwear is equipped with stiff heel counter that is suitable for Orthopaedic insoles. These products are used mainly to reduce muscle tone in cases such as cerebral palsy.

Orthopedic Footwear Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic Insoles eradicate pain, take the load off the foot, and allow more rapid healing of the inflammation caused by the disorder. They put the body’s load and pressure at the relevant location.