Stability Footwear for Children

Stability Footwear is corrective and preventive footwear for kids. The footwear is equipped with stiff heel counter that is suitable for Orthopaedic insoles. These products are used mainly to reduce muscle tone in cases such as cerebral palsy.

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Orthopedic Footwear Stability Footwear

Stability Footwear

Stability Footwear combines the comfort, convenience and softness of a slipper, with the stability, strength and protection of a shoe. It is designed and tested to improve the deambulation of seniors and people suffering from rheumatism, also uesd as post-operative footwear for rehabilitation.

Orthopedic Footwear Corrective Insoles for Children

Corrective Insoles for Children

Corrective Insoles are used for preventing flat foot complications. They provide firmer control, calcaneal stability and medial/lateral support.

Orthopedic Footwear Sports Insoles

Sports Insoles

Sports Insoles are used for sports, exercise and active life. The product base supports the longitudinal and transverse neck structures of the foot, provide shock absorption, and distribute pressure on the foot base more evenly.