Hip Braces

The Hip Brace function is to stabilize the hips and to provide immobilization on the range of motion adjustment in 15 degrees. The product is manufactured of Active Distance material and is equipped with universal hip parts, two 1-axial lateral splints and two thigh straps.

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Lower Limb Post-Operative Braces for Children

Post-Operative Braces for Children

The device is meant to be used at night. It stabilizes and immobilizes the knee joint and ankle in extension to maintain the therapeutic effects as an orthopaedic surgical intervention.

Lower Limb Through Hip Prosthesis

Through Hip Prosthesis

Through Hip Prosthesis is used for congenital (loss of all limb) or acquired (amputation is through a joint) loss of limb. The product is custom-made to match the patient body perfectly.

Lower Limb Hip Braces for Children

Hip Braces for Children

Hip Braces consist of hip and thigh belts and orthopedic splints. The belts are made of self-gripping materials that fit to the child’s body precisely. This product is used for children with cases such as hip deformations, hip dislocation, femoral fractures, acetabular labrum injury.