Ankle Disarticulation Prosthesis

Ankle Disarticulation Prosthesis is both prosthesis and cosmetic custom-made product. It is a high-end product that provides the most comfort and stability.

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Lower Limb Transtibial Prosthesis

Transtibial Prosthesis

Transtibial Prosthesis is used for congenital or acquired loss of limb from below knee. The product socket is made of solid material with a soft insert to provide the maximum comfort and function. With some training, Transtibial Prosthesis gives the patient more natural walk.

Lower Limb Range of Motion Knee Braces

Range of Motion Knee Braces

Range of Motion Knee Braces is a long knee brace that is made of an innovative and skin-friendly material that provides compression. This product is used for patients with complicated knee instability, partial or complete ACL rupture.

Lower Limb Post-Operative Braces

Post-Operative Braces

Post-Operative Brace is manufactured of durable and water-resistant fabric. The material is laminated with 3D spacer fabric providing high air permeability, minimal water and moisture absorption. The product is used for patients suffering from ankle strains or sprains, chronic Ankle Instability and/or prophylactically in sport.