About us old

About us old

About the Company

Medical Care Alliance Est. (MCA) is a service provider for Prosthetics and Orthotics Services that target disabled persons, Amputee & Foot/Spine Problems.

Moreover, MCA plays a role as Sales/Marketing representative for Medical Devices manufactured by innovative international companies that target Chronic/Orphan Diseases and related complications in Saudi Arabia & Other GCC markets.

MCA strives to provide the most innovative products/solutions for targeted patients to achieve a healthier life with better quality.

MCA looking to be on the top of local firms that participate in social responsibilities & awareness projects related to health care.



  • To provide the most innovative and potent products/services for disabled community & patients with chronic/orphan diseases at Saudi Arabia that improve their health and quality of life.
  • To satisfy health care providers’ needs by achieve clinical outcomes.
  • To create the passion among our employees to achieve company objectives and their carrier advancement opportunities and investors with maximum return on investment



To be in leadership position with dedication to provide the best services and preventive solutions for people with physical disabilities, amputee and those who suffer from chronic and genetic diseases and related complications and create a promising independent life for future generations in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.


Values: (CARE)

Community-First (C):

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and our success comes from their success. They benefit from (MCA) customized approach to their need and our ability to help them improve their quality of life.

Accountability (A):

We make personal commitments—to our customers, vendors, our colleagues. We hold ourselves accountable for keeping those promises. We take individual responsibility for the decisions we make to get best results for our customers. We build trust with our customers by delivering on our promises. We all own accountability for (MCA).

Respect (R) :

Our people treat each other, our customers and our vendors with dignity, consideration, open-mindedness and respect. By valuing diverse styles and skills, recognizing each individual’s contribution, and staying open to each other’s perspectives, (MCA) cultivates an environment of innovation and collaboration—which pays off in the way we provide best services for our customers.

Excellence (E) :

Our journey to excellence never ends—we always aim higher for our customers and partners. We take action with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve, and we rigorously measure our progress. When customers choose (MCA), they’re choosing a leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality and efficiency—for the better health for our Community.

Our Slogan:

 “It doesn’t matter if one patient or one million patients affected, WE CARE

MCA Leadership Philosophy:

Since the beginning of MCA 2013, WE are aiming to provide the right service/product that meets Health Care Providers’ needs. As such, we are vigilant about continuous improvement that boost efficiency of our operations.

MCA as a policy has always had excellent management guided by the philosophy of performance & progress.

Our main and valuable asset is our people where we invest in their development to become leaders on what they do in the Saudi Arabia & Other GCC markets.

Company History

2013     Establish Diabetic Foot Care & Orthotics services with collaboration of Specialized Clinics-Riyadh

2013     Reference & referral center for Diabetic foot problems & physical disability people (Orthotics)

2013     Marketing Representative for KANEKA Corp. targeting Genetic Hypercholesterolemia patients

2014    Marketing representative for international companies known in Orthopedic/Diabetic Footwear

2014    Marketing representative for international manufacturers of orthopedic braces, devices for physical disability patients.

2015    Establish Agreement with Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centers (Riyadh-Jeddah-Dammam)

2015    Dental Consumables Supply Business unit

2016    Establish Care Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) Center in Riyadh Care Hospital

2017   Get International BOC accreditation for Prosthetics & Orthotics services at CPO center